5 Facts About Going to Jail

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Going to jail is not an experience that anyone wants to endure. Sadly, it is one that a large number of people will experience and as such, they must be prepared for those ‘what ifs’ in life. Read below to learn a few facts about going to jail that can help alleviate some of the headache that comes when you’re thrown in the slammer.

1.    Jails house individuals awaiting trial and their day in court. There are also offenders in jail serving sentences of 11 months, 29-days or less.

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2.    You’ll be given a bond amount that you can pay into the court to get out of jail. The amount of the bond is based upon the type of criminal charge you face, your criminal history, and other factors. If you fail to pay the bond, you’ll remain in jail until the schedule date and time. A judge will then decide your fate.

3.    If you do not have all of the money needed to make bond or if you simply want to keep costs low, call a bail bondsman.  It is possible to get a fast jail bond loan kent wa that allow you to pay just 10% of the ordered bond amount, as well as a small bondsman fee. If the judge orders a $15,000 bond, a bondsman loan allows you to pay $1,500 to get out of jail.

4.    Phone access is restricted to collect calls only. If your family doesn’t have a phone that accepts collect calls, inmate phone accounts can be set up by making a deposit with the correctional phone systems company.

5.    Going to jail sucks. It is one of the worst experiences of a lifetime. Do not sit behind bars as your life withers away. It is easy to get a bondsman to help you get out of jail.